Skill Challenge High Tier-June 24, Japan time

2021/06/24(Thu) 00:00 -


Contestants: Nephrite Hamuppi Prior to the FNCS All-Star Solo Championship on June 26th, three tournament-style skill challenges focused on architecture, editing, and aiming will be held. I will. With the help of ImmatureGamer, Enigma and Dummblond, five Fortnite Creative Maps and Welcome Hubs will be available for use throughout these events during this event. The builders have created a great island for the FNCS All-Star Showdown (use the code: FNCS-Allstar-Creators if you can help). Each skill challenge is a double elimination (loser). It will be a tournament tournament with a repechage), in which eight players will compete. Chapter 2-The Top 3 Teams of Season 5 and Chapter 2-The Top 3 Teams of Season 6 will choose one representative from the trio and compete in the Skill Challenge. In addition, two players from each region will be invited to fill the remaining two slots and participate in each skill challenge. Only players who have passed or have been invited to qualify are entitled to the FNCS All-Star Showdown Skill Challenge prize money. The contents of the skill challenge are as follows. High Tier-June 24, Japan Time In High Tier, players must run from point A to point B using tunnels, 90-degree architecture, and waterfalls. The player who finishes faster will advance to the next round. Play with this map to improve your building skills. Creative Code: 3947-8128-3885 Source:



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