Solo All-Star Play-in-June 18-20 (US time)

2021/06/18(Fri) 00:00 - 2021/06/20(Sun) 00:00


You who think that the chance to fight at the FNCS All-Star Showdown has already disappeared! That's not true! The Solo All-Star Play-in Tournament will be held from June 18th to 20th (US time) for eligible Champion League players. Participation slots are 10 slots for each region. The details of this tournament, which will be held over 4 rounds, are as follows. Round 1 All eligible Champion League players can participate Round 2 Europe, Eastern North America, Western North America, Brazil: Top 2,000 players in each region in Round 1 Asia, Oceania, Middle East: Top in each region in Round 1 1,000 players Round 3 Europe, Eastern North America: Top 600 players in each region in Round 2 Western North America, Brazil: Top 500 players in each region in Round 2 Asia, Oceania, Middle East: Each region in Round 2 Top 350 players Round 4 Top 100 players in each region in Round 3 Ranking points (Rounds 1-4) Victory Royale: 30 points 2nd: 25 points 3rd: 22 points 4th: 20 points 5th: 19 6th place: 17 points 7th place: 16 points 8th place: 15 points 9th place: 14 points 10th place: 13 points 11th to 15th place: 11 points 16th to 20th place: 9 points 21st to 25th place: 7 points 26th to 30th: 5 points 31st to 35th: 4 points 36th to 40th: 3 points 41st to 50th: 2 points 51st to 75th: 1 point Defeated: 1 point (2 in Round 4) Point) Source:



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