FNCS All-Star Solo Championship

2021/06/26(Sat) 19:00 - 22:00


Participants: Lettuce, Hamuppi, Dokin, Nephrite, Kogane The FNCS All-Star Solo Championship, which will be the grand finale of the FNCS All-Star Showdown, will feature six games with the following solo cash cup point formats: Applies. The player with the highest number of defeats at the end of each match will receive an additional bonus prize of $ 113 to $ 1,020 (the amount will vary by region). At the end of all 6 matches, the player with the most points will be the FNCS All-Star Solo Champion. The format of the final is as follows. Victory Royale: 30 points 2nd place: 25 points 3rd place: 22 points 4th place: 20 points 5th place: 19 points 6th place: 17 points 7th place: 16 points 8th place: 15 points 9th place: 14 points 10th place: 13 points 11th to 15th place: 11 points 16th to 20th place: 9 points 21st to 25th place: 7 points 26th to 30th place: 5 points 31st to 35th place: 4 points 36th to 40th place: 3 points 41st place ~ 50th place: 2 points 51st place ~ 75th place: 1 point Every defeat: 2 points



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