[Schedule update] June fan club event schedule [Management blog]

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2021/06/10 16:00

Hello, this is the management office.

The photo shows the appearance of Unosuke, who celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday.
There are too many things to do, so where should I start processing ...
Unosuke, have a good year!

Today there was a request within the Discord community
I want a list of June schedules! ] In response to the voice
We have compiled a list of delivery schedules for June!
I really want to participate in a limited match! !! Please apply from the following.

June event schedule! !!

June 5th (Sat) 15:00 start: High five & high high party
Participating players: Nephrite

June 6th (Sun) 14:00 Start: Squad Custom Match

Participating players: Nephrite, Hamuppi, Kurara, Buriru, Kogane, Albedo, Unosuke, Dokin

Delivery URL: https://gamewith-esports.bitfan.id/contents/24213

June 10th (Thursday) around 18:00: GameWith Anniversary Event
~ 13 people participated, the largest number in history! I will show you a little bit of the Fortnite competition between players and employees ! ~

■ Moderator


■ Players scheduled to participate

Nephrite is lettuce

Albedo Kogane Fleder

Buriru Unosuke Dokin Cold

Eden Holo Shiyu-kun

Delivery URL:

June 15th (Tuesday) 19:00 Start: Tag (Albedo / Buriru)

Participating players: Albedo Buriru
Delivery URL: https://gamewith-esports.bitfan.id/contents/25058

June 18th (Friday) 18:00 start: Tag (nephrite)

Participating players: Nephrite

June 22 (Sun) 19:00 Start: Tag ( Unosuke, Kogane, Fleder )
Participating players: Unosuke, Kogane, Fleder
Delivery URL: Unpublished

June 29th (Tuesday) 19:00 Start: Tag ( Hamuppi, Lettuce, Dokin )
Participating players: Hamuppi, Lettuce, Dokin
Delivery URL: Unpublished

June 30th (Wednesday) 20:00 Start : Skin Emote Contest (Neu Station)
Participating players: Nephrite
Delivery URL: Unpublished

Starts at 17:00 on Thursday, July 1st: Playing tag (Kurara)
Participating players: Kurara
Delivery URL: Unpublished



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