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2020/12/08 11:00


GameWith eSports Apex Legends Division
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Player profile

A player who holds the second highest record in the world in the highest ranking in Apex Legends, a tournament in which professionals have participated since the amateur era, and a player who has emerged as a competition scene player through scrim.

He has been known since he was an amateur, and received a great deal of feedback when he joined the GameWith Apex category as a professional gamer player.

Twitter impressions received over a million responses.

Tournament results

October 2020 GLL Community Cup 2nd place
November 2020 GLL Community Cup 3rd place
December 2020 FENNEL DRAFT Cup 4th

Q & A

Q. Please tell me your nickname!
A. Shiyu-kun, Shiyuta

Q. What is your number one characteristic?
A. Noh weather

Q. Please tell me your hometown!
A. Chugoku region

Q. What is your blood type?
A. Type A

Q. What made you start Apex Legends?
A. I was invited by a friend!

Q. Which is your dominant hand?
A. Right-handed! And pretending? (secret)

Q. Who do you respect, your favorite player, and your favorite player?
A. Selly

Q. What are your booms and hobbies?
A. I'm addicted to going for a walk and looking for stray cats. But it's hard to encounter ...

Q. What is your favorite food?
A. Hamburger

Q. What food do you dislike?
A. Tomato

Q. What are the indispensable applications?
A. Twitter, Discord, Youtube

Q. What is your favorite word?
A. Geki Low, Durururu, Uhoho

Q. Where do you want to go abroad?
A. Korea and America!

Q. What do you want now?
A. Time

Q. How can I become a professional?
A. Play a lot and do your best to become stronger!

Q. What was your greatest joy this year?
A. The number of people who play games together has increased, and I have become a professional!

Q. Please give a few words to your supporters and fans!
A. I will do my best! Yeah!



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