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2020/12/10 10:00


GameWith eSports Fortnite Division
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Player profile

A talented player who has won numerous tournaments, including FNCS!

He is a player who makes use of the experience he has cultivated in various genres at Fortnite.

He has a great ability as a streamer, and in the GameWith Fortnite category, he is a masculine player who can pull teenagers because of his position as a big brother.

Tournament results

March 2021 FNCS SEMI-FINALS: 10th place
November 2020 FNCS FINALS: 12th place

Q & A

Q. What is your number one characteristic?
A. It ’s not good to sit down.

Q. Favorite weapons / items and why
A. Gold pump [because it's good]

Q. What is your favorite area for Season 4 Fortnite?
A. Stark Industries [Because gold pumps are available]

Q. Please tell me your hometown!
A. Osaka Prefecture

Q. What is your blood type?
A. AB type

Q. What made you start Fortnite?
A. Ninja's delivery

Q. Which is your dominant hand?
A. Left-handed

Q. Who are the players you respect or admire?
A. TSM Doublelift player

Q. What kind of profession would you like to be if you were not a professional gamer?
A. Editor or truck driver

Q. What is my boom / hobby?
A. Fortnite

Q. What is your favorite food?
A. Fast food

Q. What kind of food do you dislike?
A. Eggplant, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, carrot

Q. What are the indispensable mobile apps?
A. chatwork

Q. What do you often buy at convenience stores?
A. Onigiri

Q. Favorite words and inscriptions
A. Everyone else is Trash [Doublelift Quotations Only at the competition! Usually humble ~]

Q. Where do you want to go abroad?
A. Sanfuransuko

Q. In a word, your personality
A. My pace

Q. What do you want now?
A. Time

Q. How can I become a professional?
A. I think continuation is power

Q. What was your greatest joy this year?
A. You haven't caught a cold yet

Q. Please give a few words to your supporters and fans!
A. Thank you for your support!

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